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Waterproof Pocket Trimmer

Waterproof Pocket Trimmer

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Introducing Mini Shaver - the ultimate grooming tool for men who are always on the move. With its compact design and powerful motor, Mini Shaver is the perfect solution for quick and easy grooming, no matter where you are!

Powerful motor (2W) with 3 sharp blades, 360-degree shaving head with excellent auto-sharpening mechanism to help you shave smoothly.

Totally clean

The 360-rotating shaving head, ultra-thin honeycomb mesh, & self-sharpening blade help tackle beards anywhere on the face.


Long-lasting, durable battery

Just charge for 8 hours, you will use more than 40 days for 2 minutes / time. Special design with knife sharpening mechanism saves the cost of changing hair every month.

 Easy to use

Just touch the power button to work. Easy to use anywhere ( indoor, car, street,..)

Outstanding water resistance

The waterproof feature according to international IPX standards helps the product not to leak electricity when it hits water.

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